Parking a van with confidence, no stuntman required!

As the driver in this hilarious video shows, sometimes it takes real skill to squeeze a light commercial vehicle into a roadside parking space.

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But this is no laughing matter really: every year thousands of bumps and scrapes cause light commercial vehicle, motor home and 4x4 drivers money in repairs and resprays. 

We can't all be stuntmen but we can all do something to mitigate the possibility of an accident by installing a parking system, and we've designed something especially for drivers with light commercial vehicles, motorhomes and 4x4's.

With flexible rubber moulding around the sensors for extra protection, and an extra long lead to aid easy fitting, our Commercial Parking System is the answer to the prayers of many drivers with larger than average vehicles.

It has 180 degree obstacle detection, an adjustable stop-line (between 30 and 50cm) and can be combined with any front parking system. It also comes with warning system that will sound an alert as soon as something comes into your path, and uses LED lights to indicate which side of your vehicle is at risk.

So, the choice is yours: get practicing your hand-break turns or find out more about our Commercial Parking System today.


Welcome to BI Automotive UK's new website

BI Automotive has arrived in the UK, bringing their extensive automotive product line-up that includes universal in-car mobile device holders, carbon based seat heating, door sill illumination, mirror integrated navigation systems, digital parking systems (car & commercial) and much more.

Step Light, BI's innovative self-powering door sill illumination system.

UK Managing Director, John Hicken is excited about the prospect of introducing the German brand to the UK market: “We are delighted to be launching this premium brand in the UK and bringing to the market an exciting and innovative product range that we believe will create new opportunities for our customers.”